About Us

Bee Shic Shoetique are two best friends of 20+ years who share a love for women's shoes. One day as we were on the telephone chit chatting like always and discussing our dreams in life, we realized we should & could make our passion (shoes) our purpose (starting an online Shoetique). That's where Bee Shic Shoetique was born!

We know that all women desire to 'bee' glamorous and 'shic' while out on date night, out to brunch with friends, on girls trips, while working or even at the kids extracurricular activities. But everyone is not a size 6 average and some women (like one of Bee Shic's founders) seem to regularly have trouble with finding 'shic', fun shoes in wide or bigger than standard sizes. That's where Bee Shic Shoetique comes in...

We are not only on a mission to offer the most glamorous, stylish and fun shoes for our ladies of average shoe sizes we also want to offer these same options for women in other size groups who have trouble finding the perfect 'shic' shoe.

Bee Shic Shoetique aims to continually offer all our customers the latest fashionable shoes at reasonable prices, all while maintaining service excellence.

Our Motto: When conquering the world, 'Bee Shic' at it!

 Co-Owners: Kawanna Bee & and Ashica Penson